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Regardless whether you come to us as a graduate trainee or a direct entrant: we offer a wide range of equivalent career prospects.

After all, one’s professional aspirations can be as multifaceted as the ways of getting there. A comprehensive development programme and training offerings help you acquire additional and relevant skills and prepare you for new roles. Our language training and multi-day seminars for instance where professionals or participants report on current experiences from practice.

As a graduate trainee, you are presented with an open-ended employment agreement from the very beginning not to mention well-founded, wide-ranging professional training. This gives you the opportunity to take on responsible tasks in numerous units afterwards. At the beginning of the programme, we leave the position you will fill upon completion open. Depending on your profile and current openings, our human resources department will accompany you after completing our training programme up to the assumption of a permanent position – most often in our core business, reinsurance, but also in our central divisions.

If you come to us as a direct entrant, training is specifically tailored to your qualifications and the specific job requirements. We help you chart your very own career path. Regular meetings with your manager promote a professional approach and maintain a continual dialogue on strengths, goals and potential.

From job rotation to international assignments or careers as a specialist or in management, we offer every possibility for personal and professional development so you can meet your goals. We of course also place special emphasis on balancing family and one’s career.

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