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If you plan to continue your path of above-average achievement after university: responsible roles at an international company await you! You can join us either as a junior underwriter, business analyst, risk manager, actuary or claims manager in our core business, reinsurance, or in our central divisions, controlling for instance, IT, accounting, corporate communication, company strategy or human resources. What you will need? You think in interdisciplinary terms, have gathered initial experience or are an expert in your field of specialisation, take a solutions-oriented approach and take pleasure in working and communicating with colleagues within an organisation that spans the globe.

Munich Re will give you the support you need right from day one: you and your manager will draw up a personal induction plan, based on the job requirements and your own qualifications. Induction events will not only give you access to useful information, but also serve as a platform for building contacts within your professional network. Speaking of contacts, we are of course there for you from day one. To help you quickly find your feet, a mentor will be assigned to you.

During this period, you will also attend training courses to enhance your methodology, communication and negotiating skills. You will have regular meetings with your manager to take stock, identify your strengths, set new objectives and make the most of your personal development potential.

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