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From the first semester of study, you can complete an internship in any of our reinsurance and central divisions. At the same time, you are offered in-depth training with sophisticated programmes and global teams.

With us, you will be sitting down with mathematicians, lawyers, engineers, climate researchers, geologists and many other experts. You will also actively work on issues that affect the entire world: assist us as we enable large-scale events with our reinsurance services, evaluate, e.g., the latest developments in nanotechnology and employ our claims management to lessen the severity of damages caused by natural disasters for those affected. So if you are as fascinated with reinsurance as we are, we can offer you many more possibilities for future development – in connection with your degree thesis or our student loyalty programme ReMember, for example.

What you will need? Above-average grades in your degree programme, excellent foreign language skills and valid credentials of enrolment are a must. If you also have at least six weeks of time and are enthusiastic about getting started, then we look forward to receiving your application. We are of course also happy to welcome you as an intern between your bachelor’s and master’s degree. Of course, no credentials of enrolment is required in this case.

How long does an internship last? Between six weeks and six months depending on how much time you have and what we work out. You can complete your internship during the semester break or as a practical semester. By the way, you can also complete your second internship in the same department right after the full time internship on a part-time basis.

As a fair company, we of course remunerate all of our employees adequately. As a student, you will earn €1,600 per month regardless if the internship is voluntary or obligatory. Special target groups such as data analytics or cyber security are compensated with € 1,800 per month.

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