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Degree thesis - Munich Re

Degree thesis

If you would like to write your thesis on the topic of reinsurance, we are the right partner whether you are working on a bachelor’s, diploma or master’s thesis. Would you like to cover a topic that is directly related to the world of economics and also attract potential employers with your practical knowledge? Then why not write your thesis with us!

Ideally, you have already completed an internship at Munich Re as one often encounters an interesting topic in the course of work, the details of which you can discuss with your professor.

We also call for applications to full such positions. You will find these positions and more in our job market.

In addition to your application documents (cover letter, credentials, curriculum vitae), we also expect a brief presentation of your topic and how it relates to our company. Your efforts will be rewarded upon completion of the thesis with €600 (per month for the bachelor’s thesis) or €850 (monthly for the master’s or diploma thesis).

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