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Careers in reinsurance

As our business relies on specific competences based on specialised knowledge, we in the reinsurance business also have unique professions. Here, we provide you with an explanation of what you can expect from careers such as underwriter or claims manager or the responsibilities of actuaries. Of course, our “traditional positions” also offer you the opportunity to pursue your professional goals in our central divisions.

Requisite qualifications - Munich Re

Requisite qualifications

You can learn about the tasks that await mathematicians, statisticians, economists, lawyers and engineers – our most common qualifications – here.

Underwriter - Munich Re


An underwriter sees complex undertakings through to successful completion. To achieve this, they collect all necessary information, which they assess in order to draw up ready-to-sign policies.

Client Manager - Munich Re

Client manager

Client managers are responsible for the Munich Re's overall business relationship to a customer. In an interdisciplinary team, client managers make sure growth occurs on both sides and set the foundation for successful customer relations.

Claims Manager - Munich Re

Claims manager

Assessing damages on-site, determining their causes and using the acquired knowledge to optimise future projects are only some of the exciting tasks our claim managers handle.

Risk Manager - Munich Re

Risk manager

Risk managers actively manage the risks we take on as a reinsurer and help us to use our capital sustainably.

Actuary - Munich Re


This is where the theory of probability meets financial mathematics, where legal and economic parameters converge. Actuaries keep track of things in a profession that requires unique training.

Careers in the central divisions - Munich Re

Careers in the central divisions

Of course, we don't just offer positions in the insurance business but are also looking for candidates to fill central positions.

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