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Munich Re’s commitment to society is complemented by the activities of the five Group foundations: the Munich Re Foundation, the Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schinzler Foundation, the ERGO Youth and Future Foundation and the Integralia Foundations of DKV and ERGO Hestia.

Our foundations’ focus areas at a glance:

Munich Re Foundation
The Munich Re Foundation was established in 2005 and helps to support people in risk situations and improve their living conditions, primarily in developing countries. The work of the foundation focuses primarily on disaster reduction, microinsurance, water, climate change and education.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schinzler Foundation
The Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schinzler Foundation was set up in 2004. It supports projects on which employees can work on a voluntary basis. The Foundation also organises various “social days” each year, on which employees can lend a hand with selected social projects.

ERGO "Youth & Future" Foundation
The ERGO Youth & Future Foundation helps young people to take personal responsibility for shaping their future. Its flagship “Job Locomotive” project helps socially disadvantaged youngsters to obtain professional qualifications and improve their career prospects.

DKV Integralia Foundation
The Integralia Foundation established by DKV Seguros has been working on the social and professional integration of people with physical disabilities since 1999. To this end, the foundation has established a number of call centres in Spain that are staffed by people with disabilities. It also runs a number of projects to promote the social and professional integration of people with physical disabilities.

ERGO Hestia Integralia Foundation
The “Integralia“ Foundation set up by Polish subsidiary ERGO Hestia in 2004 helps people with disabilities to enter working life. Since then, around 60 jobs for disabled people have been created at the company. The Foundation has a comprehensive advice package it uses to encourage other employers to follow suit. Thanks to this, 265 people with disabilities have so far found jobs outside ERGO Hestia.

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