Responsible corporate governance

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Responsible corporate governance

Munich Re attaches great importance to responsible and sustainable company management. Corporate governance, our compliance systems and anti-fraud management, as well as sustainable risk management, direct our day-to-day actions and help determine long-term strategic decisions.

Owing to our international corporate structure, we are subject to a raft of national and international legal systems, standards and corporate governance regulations. Within the Group, our own Code of Conduct binds our management and staff members to engage in ethically and legally impeccable conduct. Since 2013, the principles of the United Nations Global Compact have also been integrated in this Code of Conduct.

At the same time, corporate and Board of Management objectives aligned with sustainability and financial considerations ensure that entrepreneurial decisions are always made on the basis of long-term meaningfulness and value preservation.

Here is an overview of what we believe are the key aspects of responsible corporate governance (click on the links to find additional and more detailed information at

GRI Content Index: G4 DMA Local Communities; G4-SO3; G4-SO4; G4-SO5

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