GRI Content Index and Global Compact Communication on Progress

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GRI Content Index & Global Compact Communication on Progress

In preparing the Munich Re (Group) corporate responsibility portal, we have taken as a basis for the current reporting period the G4 reporting standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Financial Services Sector Supplement. Our aim is to make our performance more transparent and comprehensible.

Our report is prepared "in accordance" with the guidelines for the "core"  option and includes all the relevant information for Munich Re and our most important stakeholders. The "core" option creates a background against which enterprises can communicate the impacts of their economic, environmental and governance performance.

The indicators presented in the GRI disclosures simultaneously meet the requirements of the annual Communication on Progress required by the UN Global Compact. We document the measures Munich Re has taken to firmly anchor the ten principles of the Global Compact in our operations.

The GRI table (see download area on right) refers to the corporate responsibility portal and other Munich Re publications and contains comments and explanations of individual indicators and any deviations. KPMG's "reasonable assurance" covers all the information and data in the consolidated financial statements and management report sections of Munich Re's Annual Report 2017. In addition, selected quantitative environmental indicators for the financial year 2017 have been externally verified across the Group by Ernst& Young.

GRI Content Index: G4-32

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