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Specialising in special risks

Special Enterprise Risks focuses on understanding emerging risks, working closely with clients to design tailored covers that expand the limits of insurability.

New business opportunities often mean new risks. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, ever more complex processes give rise to previously unforeseen risk scenarios.

As business enablers, we develop solutions for performance guarantees and extended warranties for the renewable energy industry (solar, wind, biogas, energy storage). Here, we carve out risks that investors, banks and operators are unable to accurately assess or carry. Our cyber solutions address the high demand in finding adequate cyber insurance solutions to protect both digital assets and the IT infrastructure.

In addition, in our New Risk Solutions we address the high demand for extremely specific contingent business interruption (CBI) solutions among many globally operating companies in many industries.

You can also turn to us for answers regarding reputational/brand-value risk or loss of human capital.

Green Tech Solutions

With Green Tech Solutions Corporate Insurance Partner pools unique expert resources and know-how from the area of renewable energies. 

New Risk Solutions

The challenges of new technologies and the dynamics and globalisation of markets are placing many companies before new risks. We develop unique risk transfer solutions so that companies can keep on concentrating on their core business.


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