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Assessing and insuring property risks

In times of increasing size and frequency of natural catastrophe (NatCat) events in , ever stronger international dependencies, digitalisation and new emerging risks, it is important to find an insurance partner who understands these dangers and the possible consequences for your business. Rely on our in depth experience of dealing with property related exposures – from teams that specialise in your industry – and on our innovation initiatives for new risks to mitigate the effects on your business of a constantly changing risk landscape.

In a globalised world in which companies own assets all over the world and depend on suppliers and customers on an international scale, business interruption exposures are more complex than ever before. A reliable insurance partner helps to manage risks from property-related exposures.

More than 40 in-house experts analyse and predict worldwide NatCat exposures to make sure that we remain a stable partner at your side – even after large losses caused by natural catastrophes.

5 reasons you should consider talking to us:

1. You want a financially strong partner.

Despite financially challenging times and the impact of financial crises, Munich Re has maintained strong ratings (AA) and has only experienced upgrades in the last ten years, even during the financial crisis. This financial strength is important for you, especially when you need a solid partner following large loss events.

Find a financially strong partner: Talk to us.

2. You need substantial capacity, even in highly NatCat-exposed areas.

Munich Re is known for its long-term commitment and transparency. As Munich Re Facultative & Corporate does not buy reinsurance, you can be sure that your protection will remain within Munich Re’s financially sound book of business. Depending on your industry and region, we offer substantial capacity, even in areas with high NatCat exposures, such as Japan and Florida.

Get the capacity you need from a solid partner: Talk to us.

3. You want to discuss your operational exposures with a partner at eye level.

Every company faces specific challenges to manage the risk of reduced cash flows due to business interruption, the loss of assets, open items in a general risk management philosophy or other emerging risks. Consequently, a one-size-fits-all solution is not the right approach to satisfy your needs. Talking to our dedicated property underwriters who specialise in the sector you operate in will help support your risk mitigation efforts, and not only from the property point of view – we can introduce you to other lines of business as well.

Discuss your needs with industry experts who understand your particular risk situation: Talk to us.

4. You need expert advice from experienced engineers and NatCat experts on the exposure and risk mitigation of your critical assets.

We can help you with advice on risk reduction from real experts. One example: experienced engineers in our team can assess the fire exposure at your critical locations from the ground up. In addition, should you need advice on any type of NatCat-related events and the possible consequences for your business, you can rely on our in-house expertise – we employ several experts in the field who can provide valuable input on mitigation strategies.

Discuss your risks and critical assets with experts who truly speak your language: Talk to us.

5. You want an insurer with a good claims reputation.

We are committed to assisting you with a holistic approach – from risk assessment, risk mitigation and risk transfer to smooth claims handling. In our claims department we have the expertise and desire to really understand a loss and engage in eye-level dialogue with our clients. We therefore have a great reputation for our claims-paying ability – something our insureds value when it comes to an unexpected property claim.

Find out how we support you in claims handling: Talk to us.


Business can be written on a direct basis, through a captive, or through reinsurance by an accepted fronting party. Depending on our clients’ needs, we offer additional covers and services such as NatCat assessment in cooperation with the Munich Re Geo Risks Research unit, expert advice from risk engineers, and a comprehensive perspective on risks that might put your company in danger.
  • Property all risks
  • Multiline/multiyear
  • Captive solutions and aggregate XL
  • NatCat stand-alone and second event
  • Quota share
  • Excess of loss
  • Offer of pure and significant net capacity (even in highly exposed Nat Cat areas)
  • Customized NatCat Analysis
  • Consulting regarding wordings
  • Loss prevention and engineering advice from in-house experts
  • Dedicated underwriters specialized in certain industries
  • Global Benchmarking capabilities
  • Cross-Line solutions
Industries covered

The companies we serve are generally ranked among the world's leading 5,000 players with a TIV exceeding €500M and have excellent risk quality standards. All risks that fit into this category generally fall within our risk appetite

We have special teams in the following segments:  
  • Automotive / Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics / Transportation
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate (incl. financial institutions)
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • TFT LCD Technology
We are also keen on writing the following industries, in which we have very strong expertise:  
  • Beverages
  • Electronics / Chemicals
  • Hospitality / Hotels
  • Leather
  • Metal Processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Retail
  • Textiles
  • Timber
  • Warehousing
Moreover, we consider all other industries that are not listed above but yet have a very high level of risk management and at TIV exceeding € 500M  

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. We look forward to speaking with you about a solution that is tailored to your risk situation.

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