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New Risk Solutions

Reputational risks, the challenges of new technologies and the dynamics and globalisation of markets are placing many companies before entirely new risks.

In difficult times, sufficient liquidity is absolutely crucial to a company's survival. The pressure is constantly increasing, as are the expectations from all the stakeholders such as investors and rating agencies. At the same time, business activities are also becoming more and more complex. By combining the principles of entrepreneurialism and risk management, we help reduce downside risk while simultaneously unlocking upside potential.

Reputational risk solution

It takes years to build up a good reputation, but it can be damaged in a day if the media focus on (alleged) incidents connected to your company. We provide sufficient liquidity when you need to get your brand back on track.

Performance guarantees

Our risk transfer solutions can be realised in the form of increased revenue, cash flow stabilisation, predictive downtime and maintenance costs, more accurate forecasting of future earnings, balance sheet protection and reallocation of contingency capital.

Risk solutions for liquidated damages (delay and performance)

Many project risks beyond the control of the contractor can result in substantial liquidated damages. Now you can hedge them.

iTWO Project Cost Insurance

With our insurance solution your construction project will remain within budget. The ITbased concept provides cover for additional costs.

EQuIP: NDBI cover for the pharma industry

The threat of an enforcement action by a regulator is always on a pharma company’s risk radar. EQuIP is the new name for Munich Re’s customised business interruption solution that actively helps companies manage quality, manufacturing and supply chain risks.

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