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Lines of business

When facing complex risk situations, industrial enterprises need a reliable and competent partner to find solutions to their specific challenges. Our clients benefit from our experience, commitment, and innovative drive. Many of the large industrial enterprises and market leaders rely on Munich Re Facultative & Corporate to meet their needs. An overview of the services we offer:

Captive Solutions

In highly dynamic industries, and despite regulatory changes, captives may be a unique opportunity to find adequate insurance solutions. Munich Re can help captives to tackle these challenges.


In many industries, liability risk scenarios have become highly complex and difficult to assess – a trend that is continuing. Experience and the ability to deal with such individual scenarios are the skills you need. We advise you on how to minimise and protect against your liability risks.

Cyber Solutions

Cyber insurance solutions specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the entire value-chain.


The energy sector is facing a host of new or heightened risks arising from ever more powerful plants, new technologies and volatile commodity prices. Working together with our clients, we develop cutting-edge coverage models for property damage and business interruption.


Demanding engineering projects call for a competent and highly experienced insurance partner. From CAR (contractors' all risks) and EAR (erection all risks) to operational all risks and CECR (civil engineering completed risks) insurance, we provide security from the planning stage to operation.


Complex production processes and global interdependencies between suppliers, customers and business partners give rise to new challenges. We have the specialist knowledge required to deliver customised solutions for your property risks.

Green Tech Solutions

With Green Tech Solutions Corporate Insurance Partner pools unique expert resources and know-how from the area of renewable energies.

New Risk Solutions

Reputational risks, the challenges of new technologies and the dynamics and globalisation of markets are placing many companies before entirely new risks.

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