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Power and utilities

In a power-hungry world with ever-higher outputs and demands on technology economies, power plant owners, investors and end-customers depend on an uninterrupted service. Munich Re Facultative & Corporate offers insurance solutions that address technical developments and the new risks involved.

Power plants form the backbone of societies and economies. Since most ambitious new power plant projects are privately financed, investors only take on projects that have a suitable insurance programme in place.

The constant developments in technology, material and building practices, along with the challenges that come with the scaling of energy projects involving higher outputs, calls for an experienced partner on the insurance side, one who can keep pace with technical advances to assess and evaluate engineering risks in a detailed and reliable way.

We offer proportional and non-proportional insurance covers, either directly or via a specialist insurance broker. By adapting and combining various engineering insurance products, we develop optimum solutions for complex and demanding industry risks in the power and utilities sector.

5 reasons you should consider talking to us:

1. You want to work with an insurer who provides coverages that meet your requirements, and who understands the dynamics of the energy market.

We always look for solutions and offer services that go beyond the traditional lines of insurance. Our strategy is to combine broker-driven and direct engineering insurance business activities with a focus on operational covers for the power and utilities industry. We can also support you during construction on your sites and with refurbishment of your assets.

We offer comprehensive insurance solutions worldwide and support multinational insurance programmes in collaboration with our international network of offices and partners. We have knowledgeable staff worldwide, with local employees to provide you with an individual service.

Work with an insurer who understands the requirements of companies in the energy sector: Talk to us.

2. You need an insurer who understands the complexity of the changing risk environment due to emerging technologies, environmental regulations and government requirements.

We offer the expertise of more than 30 experts who have worked as engineers on site. Another benefit of working with us is our "one contact partner, one business and one underwriting philosophy" approach, which significantly helps to streamline risk management. Benefit from our worldwide experience, multilingual setup and the many potential synergies to achieve better consulting results.

Get a comprehensive overview of your engineering projects, based on our experience: Talk to us.

3. You want to work with an insurer who provides stable financial risk transfer should the need ever arise.

Our approach is backed by outstanding financial capacity and demonstrated excellence. We retain our lines net and have low employee turnover.

We will also stick with you when times get tough: Talk to us.

4. You need risk management services that go beyond traditional insurance products.

We accompany your risk management and help you achieve your business goals with support from in-house and external risk engineers.

Learn more about our innovative risk management services: Talk to us.

5. You want to avoid losses and optimize your claims settlements.

Do you like to see underwriters involved in any potential claims settlement? Our underwriters remain in charge of their account and are part of any potential claims settlements. We accompany your risk management and help you achieve your business goals with support from in-house and external risk engineers.

Allow our underwriter to support you in difficult claims settlements: Talk to us.


We provide proportional and non-proportional insurance covers for operators, contractors and power plant owners. By adapting and combining engineering insurance products, we develop high-performance solutions for the most complex and demanding risks.

Depending on our clients' needs, we offer additional covers and services, such as nat cat assessment in cooperation with the Munich Re Geo Risks Research unit.
  • Construction and Erection All Risk
  • Delay in start-up insurance
  • Liability
  • Operational All Risk incl. Business Interruption
  • Risk management and risk assessments
  • Technical information and product-oriented exposés
  • Claims management
  • Engineering seminars for clients, held at our headquarters in Munich and/or at our branch offices around the world
Industries covered:
  • Power plants and utilities (thermal power, gas turbines, renewable energies, distribution networks and equipment, utilities)

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. We look forward to discussing with you a solution that is tailored to your risk situation.

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