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Industry Topics

Industries are faced with various challenges and opportunities. Munich Re Facultative & Corporate addresses industry-specific risks with an unique and innovative risk transfer approach to enable future growth for our clients. In this section we feature industry topics that are currently relevant to key industries.

One Cat - Comprehensive and rapid response to natural catastrophes

When a devastating natural catastrophe strikes, companies and organizations need their insurance claims to be settled quickly in order to avoid cash flow problems. Traditional covers often leave gaps in costs associated with restoring to the pre-event level. To close these gaps, Munich Re has designed “One Cat”, a tailor-made solution concept with an unprecedented level of transparency and a very simple payout process.

EQuIP: NDBI cover for the pharma industry

The risk of non-damage business interruption due to the threat of an enforcement action by a regulator is always on a pharma company’s risk radar. EQuIP is the new name for Munich Re’s innovative and customised solution which has made Munich Re a sought-after partner in this area.

Cyber attacks a threat to businesses

Data is the lifeblood of business, particularly for large, interconnected enterprises. If data ceases to flow or is siphoned off, the damage can be enormous.

Industry 4.0 and cyber risks: How can you manage them?

Industry 4.0 opens the door to innovative business models and more efficient management of resources and many new risks. In our overview you find our various insurance solutions for cyber risks.

Modern manufacturing processes: Efficient but vulnerable

Growing competitive pressure and shorter product cycles have forced many sectors to optimise the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. Industry and the insurance sector need to take account of the new business interruption scenarios.

When the trains stop running

A new Coverage concept for rail traffic addresses financial isks from business interruptions.

Volcanic ash in jet engines

Accumulated ash in jet engines over a longer period of time could result in property damage that might not be covered in traditional covers. Munich Re supports the aviation industry with innovative cover concepts that go beyond traditional policies.

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