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Corporate Insurance Partner

In Corporate Insurance Partner, you have at your side an experienced team of specialists in each of the industries we serve. We offer medium-sized and large corporations traditional and innovative risk-transfer solutions in the following lines of business: property, energy, engineering, liability, specialty and special enterprise risks.

We are committed to positioning ourselves as a reliable partner in the global and volatile industry insurance market. To do so, we carefully select our risks and consciously assume the lead for only a certain number of risks. We combine the in-depth industry know-how of our experts and our ability to provide high net capacity with the strong financial solidity of Munich Re. The result is a lean, flexible and innovative business unit that delivers solutions to today's – and tomorrow's – market needs.

We want to be perceived by our clients and brokers as proactive, transparent and consistent. Our value proposition reflects what our clients and brokers expect from us:

  • Solidity: We offer substantial independent capacity backed by Munich Re's security and ability to get the job done.
  • Expertise: We understand the individual challenges you face and have deep risk- and industry-specific expertise.
  • Imagination: We strive to expand the frontiers of insurability together with our clients.
  • Solutions: We develop meaningful solutions and bring the Group's full expertise and experience to the table.

Corporate Insurance Partner is a description of a number of business units across different legal entities of Munich Re that provide individual solutions for medium-sized and large industrial clients. The legal entities include Munich Reinsurance Company in Munich (and its branches in London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong), Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., Münchener Rück do Brasil Resseguradora S.A., and Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE and its branch in Sydney. Through our ongoing cooperation with other international units of Munich Re, we are always close to our clients.

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