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© Tamara Grcic<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich<br />

Tamara Grcic

Born 1964 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main

Sommer (No.7 from a series of 7), 2001

C-Print on aluminium
36 x 54 cm

Tamara Grcic finds the motifs for her photographs, films and installations in everyday life. She directs her attention to detail. For Grcic, detail is the key to the grasping essence of a human being, an object, a mood, a moment.

In the "Sommer" photo series, we witness a man's dive into aquamarine water. We see the tension of his body at a moment of intense concentration, relinquishing himself to his own strength and trust in the laws of nature. It is that brief moment, scarcely perceived by the naked eye and captured by the artist with her camera: the state of suspension in space. Grcic shows neither the origin of the dive nor the horizon. The full focus is on the diver suspended in his predestined trajectory.

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