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© Stefan Sehler<br/>    Picture: Nick Ash, Courtesy of Kuttner Siebert Galerie, Berlin<br />

Stefan Sehler

Born 1958 in Nuremberg, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Untitled, 2010

Oil, acrylic, reverse of acrylic glass
185 x 185 cm

With the cool appearance of their smooth surfaces, Stefan Sehler’s large-scale paintings are deceptive and produce a déjà-vu effect of staged photography. An even structure of stylised plants and branches cover the monochrome background. The artist's handwriting is revealed only in details. Sehler applies the paint to the reverse of an acrylic glass plate in several stages. Using a negative template, he first defines the contours and then fills the inner space by dripping, squirting and splashing the paint to apply layer upon layer of colour streaks.

Stefan Sehler's works are an interplay between painting technique and photographic effects, between representation and abstraction, the close-up and the distant view, and between deception and dis-illusion.

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