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© Rosilene Luduvico / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018<br/>    Picture: Bill Orcutt<br />

Rosilene Luduvico

Born 1969 in Espirito Santo, Brazil
Lives and works in Düsseldorf

The Thinker, 2008

Oil on chalk-grounded canvas
30 x 41 cm

In her portraits and landscapes, Rosilene Luduvico never concerns herself with the realistic image, but with moods. Her chosen motifs – trees in a landscape, a branch in apparently placeless space, a person by the sea – are only the medium, only the means to an end. Her works are mood landscapes in which the feeling of solitude that the artist has known since her childhood in the Brazilian mountains is recurrent.

In the portraits of sleeping subjects, she deals with a particular form of solitude. In an intimate dialogue with the subjects portrayed, she explores the intermediate realm, that state of consciousness in sleep in which the person is present and yet in another, imaginary world, a world accessible to that person alone, and not to be shared.

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