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Olaf Metzel

Born 1952 in Berlin (West), Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Pausenhof, 2013

Aluminium, lacquered

A group of 21 bistro tables stand in the inner courtyard and the adjacent cafeteria of a Munich Re office building at number 3 Mandlstrasse near the English Garden. With their bright-red tablecloths, they make the courtyard an inviting place to spend a break. A few of the tables, however, appear to be deformed or bent out of shape. Hanging as if taken by the wind, the tablecloths also jar the senses somewhat: they are not made of cloth or plastic, but of lacquered aluminium.

Olaf Metzel is a keen observer. He draws his ideas from reality, forms them in striking ways, and places them at our disposal in a confrontational interplay of art and the actual living world, often provocatively and radically. Metzel's sculptures generally take reference to their locations. They engage themselves with their histories, functions, significance. In this way the artist also demands of the observer a critical awareness that transcends the space in which he or she is.

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