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© Martin Wöhrl<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Martin Wöhrl

Born 1974 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Gloriole, 2009

Wood, plastic veneer
Diameter, 170 cm

Use of simple materials and utilitarian objects is characteristic of Martin Wöhrl's artistic work. The artist crafts sculptures and objects from plywood and veneers or from furniture parts that appeal to the viewer at a strongly associative level. They allude, at times subtly, at times directly, to symbols, social conventions or locations that have a fixed place in collective consciousness. He also occasionally uses artworks of famous masters as models. Wöhrl's sculptures challenge viewers to reflect on their own approaches to art, traditions and stereotypes.

The oversized aureoles that he has created since 2006 as works for both walls and floors are reminiscent of the gilded wooden haloes adorning statues of saints that grace baroque altars. But his haloes glorify no saints, nor are they set in shiny gold. They are assembled from pressboard parts but, in their simplicity, are no less expansive and brilliant than their baroque predecessors.

Location: Leopoldstrasse 36, Munich

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