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© Lisa Oppenheim<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Klosterfelde, Berlin<br />

Lisa Oppenheim

Born 1975 in New York, USA
Lives and works in New York

Polaroids (Greenback), five-part, 2008/2010

C-print, on DIBOND aluminium
51 x 41 cm each

Lisa Oppenheim searches for images and objects that have meaning in individual or collective memory. The artistic medium that she selects for the visualisation of this memory depends on the particular original historical material chosen, ranging from 16mm film installations and slide shows to photographs, photograms, prints and drawings. Her work links the past with the present and makes the transition visible through the metamorphosis of information caused by the passage of time.

In "Polaroids", Lisa Oppenheim captures the stages of development of a Polaroid with a photo camera. The individual monochrome images show the fleeting, non-replicable process of a photo in the making. This is the documentation of that which is perishable, in a dual sense, since with digital photography, instant-film technology has become a thing of the past.

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