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© Katharina Gaenssler und Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Marcus Buck, Munich<br />

Katharina Gaenssler

Born 1974 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Ciné-Bal, 2015

Photo installation, colour print on paper
300 x 630 cm

The medium of artist Katharina Gaenssler is photography. However, her interest does not lie in the individual photograph. For her, the camera is rather a means to trace interrelations in images and render these visible. In addition to her travel diaries in the form of photo documentations, Gaenssler designs panorama-like installations that irritate the viewer. She systematically documents a real room setting in individual photographs first, in order to then recreate it as a room-related collage image. The process of photography and the different photo perspectives produce refractions and distortions. The optical alienation leads to an altered perceptual experience. The viewer is invited to "see again".

In the mural that Katharina Gaenssler designed especially for a Munich Re meeting point, the artist takes us to a historic site in 1920s Strasbourg. It is the famous café and dance hall that was once accommodated in the neo-classical Aubette building at Place Kléber and belonged to the Ciné-Bal, a multifunctional cinema and dance hall. Artist Theo van Doesburg, a member of the Dutch artist group De Stijl, was commissioned to provide the overall artistic design, together with Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Hans Arp. The avant-garde interior decoration reflects De Stijl’s elementary language of colours and shapes. Destroyed in 1938, the place was reconstructed true to the original in the 1990s.

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