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© Jeff Grant<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Grimm, Munich<br />

Jeff Grant

Born 1975 in Potsdam, USA
Lives and works in New York

Three Cherries: Sweet Cherry, Black Cherry, Pin Cherry 1, 2005

Ink on mylar
43 x 61 cm

Jeff Grant approaches his motifs like a researcher. However, the focus of his interest is not on the scientific aspect. What holds far greater fascination for him are those contents that cannot be grasped with the precision of scientific methodology. In his drawings of trees, the artist thus subtly also questions the findings of natural science methodology, while showing its limits. Reminiscent of attempts at botanical categorisation – taken from old biology textbooks – Grant meticulously outlines the contours of oaks, larches, cherry trees or elms. But in spite of their precision, his drawings obscure more than they contribute to understanding.

Grant's drawings, video works and large-scale installations attest to the desire for a holistic view of the world. His tree studies are not naturalistic images, but references to what makes up the tree, beyond the realm of science.

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