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© Jason Martin<br/>    Picture: Ulrich Ghezzi<br />

Jason Martin

Born 1970 in Jersey (Channel Islands), UK
Lives and works in London

Twelfth, 2011

Oil on aluminium
200 x 166 x 11 cm

Jason Martin handles paint like a sculptor. With self-made brushes and combs, he sculpts a monochrome colour landscape that transcends the two-dimensionality of the image-bearing aluminium plate. Martin combs on the impasto layer with dynamic, virtuoso gestures, at times exposing the surface. The resulting structural movement creates shadows and bright streaks of light that mould the malleable image.

"Twelfth" looks like a detail of human hair. In cultural history, hair has often served as a symbol of physical strength and power. And Martin's image is indeed bursting with physical dynamism. Here, although the shimmering surface gives the work a lavish character, the painter's craft still dominates. The combed structure reveals the "production" process. The painter's dynamic gestures, performed with comb and paintbrush, are apparent to the viewer.

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