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© James Turrell<br/>    Picture: Jens Weber, Munich<br />

James Turrell

Born 1943 in Los Angeles, USA
Lives and works in Flagstaff

The Inner Way, 1999

Optical fibres
Length, approx. 150 m

Since the 1960s, James Turrell has devoted his artistic work to manifestations of natural and artificial light. Turrell employs light in the way that other painters use brush and paint. He transforms real spaces into light spaces, makes light tangible, a sensory experience. Turrell's installations are spaces of light and colour, in which architecture is virtually dematerialised.

James Turrell created an underground passageway for Munich Re. Employees and visitors here are immersed in a world of coloured light. A warm red, a cool blue and bright yellow gold subdivide the passageway into individual segments. Narrow light frames and optical fibres set further accents. Two domed polygonal spaces form the centre of the passageway. One of the domes, like the Pantheon of antiquity, has an opening at the top that lets in daylight, the other is closed. Anyone standing here has no out-look. What is outside remains outside. The gaze turns inward.

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