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© Herbert Brandl<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Sabine Knust, Munich<br />

Herbert Brandl

Born 1959 in Graz, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

Untitled, 1997

Watercolour on paper
79 x 60 cm

Herbert Brandl makes the painting itself the subject. His work ranges from traditional motifs such as flowers, landscapes or mountains to non-representational colour surfaces, between relief-like textures in oil paint on canvas and delicate, incorporeal shades of watercolour on paper. At times it is the form that determines the colour, at time the form grows out of the colour.

Brandl's watercolours are painted with quick, lavish strokes on thick hand-made paper, wet on wet. The surfaces and shading are distributed in such a way that, in the end, no landscape can be identified. Yet, with their dynamic colour spaces of varying depth, they reflect density and structure of colour phenomena and moods that recall the atmospheric interplay of nature.

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