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© Hans-Christian Schink<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Jordanow, Munich<br />

Hans-Christian Schink

Born 1961 in Erfurt, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig

Bach Ma (2A), (from the "Vietnam" series), 2005

C-print, Diasec
178 x 211 cm

Hans-Christian Schink captures his travel impressions in series and groups of photos. It is however not people that interest him, but rather how the effect of light atmospherically shapes the landscapes and places he has seen.

The two photographs from the "Vietnam" series show a section of virgin Asian rainforest, which is now part of a national park. The growth of the vegetative thicket can virtually be felt. The light is filtered through the canopy of green and the moist monsoon air, enveloping the plants in a dreamlike atmosphere. Schink's jungle pictures are genuine glimpses of and into nature.

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