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© Gerhard Richter<br/>    Picture: Friedrich Rosenstiel, Cologne<br />

Gerhard Richter

Born 1932 in Waltersdorf/Oberlausitz, Germany
Lives and works in Cologne

12 Rhomben, 1998

Cibachrome, acrylic glass
102 x 106 cm

In his artistic work, Gerhard Richter has probed the interaction between painting and photography. Richter conceived a series of 12 rhombuses for Munich Re, works that provide a glimpse of another reality. The photographs show abstract painted colour formations. Streaks of bright red, blue and yellow flow into each other without mixing. In their wealth of flowing forms, the blow-ups seem like details from a microcosmic world that is governed by its own laws. Though completely abstract, they trigger associations of the world, evoke images or meanings. Richter irritates viewers, who do not at a first and fleeting glance recognise whether what they are seeing is painting or photography, abstract or figurative. It is a game with artistic media and the viewer's perception.

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