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© Julio Rondo / Galerie Andreas Binder<br/>    Picture: Jorge Fenández-Oronoz Vicente, Madrid<br />

Julio Rondo

Born 1952 in Sotrondio, Spain
Lives and works in Stuttgart and Berlin

LRB. Eine Frau, 2000

Acrylic on reverse of glass, on wood
120 x 110 cm

Julio Rondo's central theme is the study of things past, experienced, remembered. The artist's own doodles, or maybe a photo, or even the floor plan of a flat that he associates personal memories are potential models for a work. Rondo became known for his geometrically organised reverse glass paintings, which look like abstract mosaics, but are portraits of people. They are created from a photo and highlight what is of emotional importance to the artist.

Preoccupation with memory is also reflected in the technique of reverse glass painting, which at the same time is the reverse of the usual painterly approach. The first layer of paint applied to the back side of glass is not covered, but remains fully visible. The composition is built up layer by layer. Only when the background has been applied is the image complete.

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