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© Gerhard Richter<br/>    Picture: Bruchhaus/Lachenmann, Munich<br />

Gerhard Richter

Born 1932 in Waltersdorf/Oberlausitz, Germany
Lives and works in Cologne

13. Sept. 98 (Abend), 1998

Colour photography, oil
10 x 15 cm

Gerhard Richter has worked on his group of overpainted photographs at intervals since 1989. Small-format pictures from the artist's private collection serve as a basis for these works. The colour and form of the artistic interventions, always confined to abstraction, are chosen with precision: Paint applied to surfaces using impasto technique – at times vehemently spotted, at times with expressively lined – partially covers the photographic image and obscures a complete view of what is depicted. An abstract layer of paint is applied over the representational photo whose tactile quality contrasts with the flat surface of the photograph. The interplay between abstraction and figuration, the reality of the photo and the reality of the paint, awakens associations. Image contents blur, new images come into being. Gerhard Richter created the 16 overpainted photos as a supplement to the 12 rhombuses.

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