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© Frank Nitsche<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin<br />

Frank Nitsche

Born 1964 in Görlitz, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

KMX-16-2009, 2009

Oil on canvas
230 x 200 cm

Frank Nitsche draws the forms for his oil paintings from a vast private picture archive that he has compiled from magazines, newspapers and the internet. For his paintings, he transforms these images into an abstract language of lines and shapes. His experimental arrangements have the appearance of design drafts, although it takes the artist months to create them.

While working at the canvas, Nitsche draws his inspiration from electronic music. The musical grammar manifests itself in the red and pink lines and bands of the painting: the beat amplitudes draw curves and twist into hooks, intertwine and rotate on their own axes. An impression arises of creative chaos, in which the individual modules of dynamics and oscillation are outlined.

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