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© Araki and his legal successors<br/>    Picture: Jens Weber, Munich<br />

Yoshikuni Araki

Born 1921 in Osaka, Japan
Died 1997 in Japan

Japanese Garden, 1995

360 m2

Yoshikuni Araki is one of the masters of modern Japanese garden art, rooted in a reverence of nature and its many and varied phenomena, which are understood to be visible proof of divine principles. In Japanese gardens, every element has symbolic significance and is arranged with care, adhering to traditional rituals.

Yoshikuni Araki created a rock garden for Munich Re with a waterfall and pond. The terraces of porous extrusive rocks are covered with moss, bushes and trees. In the centre, the masses of rock open up onto a wide cascade that tumbles down into a pond. The bottom of the pond – like the islet in its middle – is covered with light-green river rocks. Araki took great care in choosing these rocks, which were sent from Japan. Their many colours and shapes mirror the endless wealth of nature that the Japanese worship as divine. Amidst the densely built up surroundings, Araki's garden is a place of meditative contemplation of nature.

Location: Leopoldstrasse 36, Munich

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