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© Wolfgang Tillmans<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Buchholz, Berlin and Cologne<br />

Wolfgang Tillmans

Born 1968 in Remscheid, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin and London

Freischwimmer 177, 2011

C-type print, on dibond, in artist’s frame
181 x 238 x 6 cm

Wolfgang Tillmans is a leading contemporary photographic artist. He became known for his portraits of the London and Berlin subcultures in the 1990s. For Tillmans, photography is a medium for defining the world. Since 2000, he has again and again explored the bounds of this artistic technique by completely dispensing with a camera. The motifs of the "Freischwimmer" series originated as pure photochemical reactions in the darkroom.

The genesis of the images is similar to experiments in which the experimental process cannot be replicated. In the photo lab, the paper reacts freely to manually manipulated light exposure and chemical interventions in the developing bath. This creates the abstract colour streaks and biomorphic structures whose mesmerising beauty is, according to Tillmans, a photochemical marvel.

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