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© Wilhelm Mundt / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Bodo Kessler, Munich<br />

Wilhelm Mundt

Born 1959 in Grevenbroich, Germany
Lives and works in Rommerskirchen and Cologne

Trashstone # 520, # 556, # 557, 2012

Production debris in fibreglass-reinforced plastics
73 x 71 x 105 cm, 100 x 115 x 185 cm, 130 x 145 x 250 cm

The Trashstones series began in 1989 with stone 001. Since then, Wilhelm Mundt has fashioned stones in various sizes, forms and colours, which he numbers consecutively. His abstract, amorphous sculptures in bright colours that at times border on a metallic sheen seem like glacial erratics from another world.

The brightly coloured surface of the stones consists of multiple layers wrapped lithely around an inner core. Wilhelm Mundt forms this core from the debris of his artistic work: pieces of wood, adhesive tape, chippings, parts of old or discarded sculptures, personal items. In an intensive process, this debris is compacted, bound and glued according to a set concept. It is then coated with several layers of coloured, fibreglass-reinforced plastics or polyester resin, smoothed, polished and labelled with a production number. Only the artist can tell from the serial number what exactly is hidden under the plastic coating.

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