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© Tilo Schulz<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin and Leipzig<br />

Tilo Schulz

Born 1972 in Leipzig, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Your head is not my prison..., 2012

Acrylic lacquer on paper and foam rubber
58 x 39 x 5.5 cm

Tilo Schulz's series, "Your head is not my prison...", vacillates between painting, relief and paper art. His images are paintings and sculptures alike. Schulz creases and folds the pieces of paper until they produce the desired aesthetic effect. He then paints the sheets, which are padded from behind with foam rubber. The acrylic lacquer creates a second aesthetic level that is clearly visible from close up, revealing the painterly aspect of the work. By leaving some spaces on the paper unpainted, Schulz integrates process-based change in his works that is induced by nature into their production. Where no lacquer has been applied, the paper is exposed to such change.

In their abstract physiognomy, the individual works from the "Your head is not my prison..." series are reminiscent of portraits. Their uniqueness and presence provoke questions on the self vis-à-vis others. For Tilo Schulz, they are the expression of "an intensive discussion about the existence of ideas, or the space (political, social, private) that these ideas seek and create" (Tilo Schulz).

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