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© Terry Haggerty / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Stephen Brayne, London<br />

Terry Haggerty

Born 1970 in London, UK
Lives and works in Berlin

Untitled, 2007

Acrylic on wall
307 x 750 cm

Terry Haggerty plays with lines and with the viewer's perception. Straight thin lines intersect and then disappear into infinity. Parallel bands of line oscillate rhythmically across the surface. In his compositions, which are reduced to strict formalistic vocabulary, Haggerty creates the illusion of three-dimensionality. He combines the serial sequence principle of minimal art with the visual expression forms of op art.

Haggerty transforms the entrance area and the underwriting area of the Munich Re office building in London into a visual experience. Shimmering between green, petroleum and blue, the parallel lines swerve abruptly in the middle, suggesting plasticity. The walls begin to vibrate. These rhythmical dynamics consume space and observer alike.

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