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© Sonja Braas<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie ftc. Berlin<br />

Sonja Braas

Born 1968 in Siegen, Germany
Lives and works in New York

You Are Here (#26), 1999

C-Print, Diasec
96 x 75 cm

In her photographs, Sonja Braas juxtaposes real and artificial landscapes. Her interest focuses on those simulations of nature that one might find, for example, in Central European zoos or in the dioramas of natural history museums. The distinction between reality and fiction blurs. Gently flowing, beautiful landscapes convey an ideal dream setting whose perfection lies beyond the realm of a true nature experience. The belief in the authenticity of the photograph still deeply engrained in the viewer today draws the viewer into a trap of longing that knows no fulfilment. What is real appears to be fake, the reconstruction better than the original. The natural impression turns out to be staged artificiality.

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