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© Siegrun Appelt<br/>    Picture: Jens Weber, Munich<br />

Siegrun Appelt

Born 1965 in Bludenz, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

Landscape V (from the "Napoli-Roma" series), 1996

C-Print, Diasec
84 x 137 cm

Using a video camera with a fixed focus, Appelt captures the view through the open window of an express train. No pan shots, no zooms, the lens aperture set at infinity. The result was the "Napoli-Roma" series, taken on 24 September 1996 in a train from Naples to Rome. They are ephemeral impressions, fleeting images that were recorded with the camera in passing. What is visible in the foreground is briefly registered and superimposed directly on that which follows. Only diffuse forms of the motifs passing in rapid succession remain.

In her photographs, photo and media artist Siegrun Appelt deals with human perception video films and installations. It is the relationship between focus and blur that is created by movement, and also in light as the source of visual perception that interest her. She experiments with the concentration of light, its effect on the viewer, and puts habits of perception to the test.

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