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Rolf Walz

Born 1958 in Altensteig, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Transfer, 1996/97

Aluminium, mirrors, glass, light boxes
Length, 51 m

The study of human perception and its optical conditions are a constant in the work of Rolf Walz. He is interested in how colour, light and space influence the viewer's perception and self-perception.

Rolf Walz designed one of the passageways of the underground system that connects different office buildings of Munich Re in Munich-Schwabing. This passageway serves not only as a thoroughfare for people, but is also used to transport files and data. Walz introduces rhythm into the 51-metre long corridor through an irregular sequence of different segments of metal, light and tinted glass lining the side wall. In some places, the wall opens up, giving a clear view of the company's internal postal system concealed behind structures. Alternating transparent and semi-transparent, opaque and mirror surfaces accompanies those whose pass through.

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