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© Rika Noguchi<br/>    Picture: Courtesy Galerie Loock, Berlin

Rika Noguchi

Born 1971 in Saitama, Japan
Lives and works in Berlin

To the Night Planet, 2014

Pigment print on aluminium
70 x 50 cm

Light in its various manifestations is one of the central themes in the work of artist Rika Noguchi. The photographs in the series entitled “To the Night Planet” are no exception. The images were captured with an analogue camera while travelling at night on bus route M29, between Berlin Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg. In this work, the big city lights - car headlights, neon advertising signs and street lamps - become the actual subjects of the photography. The rigour of the conceptual approach is in contrast with the poetic effect of the lights, which make the urban space barely recognisable and, through the use of superimposition, overexposure and blurring, create the impression of abstract spaces of light. The effect is to imbue the capital city at night with a strange atmosphere in which, as the title suggests, the lights resemble stars when seen from the moving bus.

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