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© Reinhold Max Eichler<br/>    Picture: Jens Weber, Munich<br />

Reinhold Max Eichler

Born 1872 in Mutzschen, Germany
Died 1947 in Munich, Germany

Kampf der Elemente, 1912/13

466 x 410 cm

Reinhold Max Eichler was a member of the artists’ association known as "Die Scholle", which dominated the Munich art scene in the period between 1899 and 1911. This period was marked by a pioneering spirit that developed in the wake of the fin de siècle. The young artists wanted to shed academic fetters and sought an approach to painting that was free and subjective in form and composition. Their works were shown in annual exhibitions at Munich’s "Glaspalast".

In 1912/13, Eichler created a highly moving, expressive fresco for the first new Company office building. In dramatic scenes, the fresco shows human figures at the mercy of the elements fire, earth, water and storm. For Munich Re, Eichler's fresco is to this day a powerful and lasting symbol of the conflict between man and nature.

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