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Peter Zimmermann

Born 1956 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Lives and works in Cologne

ekta‘, 2003

Epoxy resin
250 x 160 x 4 cm

Painting is Peter Zimmermann's central medium. However, he does not paint with traditional oil or acrylic paint, but uses synthetic epoxy resin. His motifs are taken from digital image archives, which he distorts on the computer to abstraction. He projects the result onto a screen and draws an outline before applying up to 20 layers of coloured epoxy resin. When the resin dries, it forms a shiny surface that mirrors the viewer.

Zimmermann's interest lies in the structure and perception of images. The relationship between original and mirror image is reflected in his work. His original digital models completely disappear under the abstracting layer of resin and are thus surrendered to the medium of painting. What remains are bright, overlapping psychedelic shapes.

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