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© Peter Kogler / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Bruchhaus/Lachenmann, Munich<br />

Peter Kogler

Born 1959 in Innsbruck, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

Untitled, 2002

Screen-print on paper, laminated on wall
Stairwell over 5 floors

Peter Kogler works with computer-generated shapes and develops the principles of reproduction and serialisation from pop and minimal art into an expansive monumentality. Kogler’s motifs have no desire to explain, nor any significance. They are part of a new order that spreads across the wall surfaces into space, creating architectural twilight worlds of reality and fiction.

The Austrian artist covered a stairwell in a Munich Re building with densely intertwined amorphous forms, screen-printed onto panels of paper and then assembled in a kind of module system. The observer is transported into a maze-like alien world that knows no up and down, no limits, no spatial perspective.

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