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© Paul Morrison<br/>    Picture: Courtesy Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich

Paul Morrison

Born 1966 in Liverpool, UK
Lives and works in London

Hyazinthe, 2013

Mirror-polished stainless steel
120 x 42,7 x 40 cm

In his sculptures, the British artist Paul Morrison adheres to the principle of changing perspectives, making his large sculptural works appear to be surrealistic plant monoliths in the landscape. “Hyazinthe”, a silhouette-like sculpture irritates, less because of its dimensions than its highly polished surface. It reflects not only the environment but also the approaching viewer. Seen from a certain perspective, the sharp-edged shape-defining contour disintegrates, ceding to an irritating, facet-like image of reality.

Morrison’s game with proportions, perspectives and degrees of abstraction is like a poetic lesson in innovative perception.

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