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© Paul Morrison / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Bruchhaus/Lachenmann, Munich<br /><br />

Paul Morrison

Born 1966 in Liverpool, UK
Lives and works in London

Radius/Night, 2001

Approx. 4 x 15 m/Approx. 3 x 15 m

A sweeping landscape greets the visitor entering the Munich Re building at Münchner Tor. Just behind the wooden reception desk, the wall begins to undulate across two floors. Branches, mini trees and oversized blossoms and leaves seem to sprout, their vibrant shapes spreading out over a breadth of 15 metres.

Paul Morrison’s oeuvre centres around plants. The floral forms are black and white, often highly magnified, with their sharp contours recalling the tradition of paper cutting and silhouettes, or the two-dimensionality of woodcuts. Morrison's landscapes and depictions of nature adhere to no stringent perspective. Big is little and little is big. Flowers are elongated, distorted and stretched, then compressed into graphic characters again. Nature mutates into ornament, into a sketched barcode. Morrison’s game with proportions, perspectives and degrees of abstraction is like a poetic lesson in innovative perception.

Location: Am Münchner Tor 1, Munich

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