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© Olafur Eliasson, courtesy Galerie neugerriemschneider, Berlin<br/>    Picture: Jens Ziehe, Berlin <br />

Olafur Eliasson

Born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin

The Thorsmörk close-up series, 1999

9 C-Prints
30 x 45 cm each

During his hiking trips through Iceland, Olafur Eliasson frequently captures the landscape in colour photos. The subject here is Thorsmörk, a green valley in the South of Iceland framed by two vast glaciers. The nine-part work shows a boulder photographed from successively closer perspectives. Eliasson invites the viewer to accompany him on his path, following his view in ever greater detail. The viewer's relationship to time and space, central to Eliasson's work, becomes evident here.

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