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© Nevin Aladağ / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018<br/>    Picture: Galerie Wentrup, Berlin

Nevin Aladag

Born in 1972 in Van, Turkey
Lives and works in Berlin

Stiletto / No Melody (4:10 min), 2011

Galvanized metal plate in wooden frame
95 x 95 cm

With her work, Nevin Aladağ embarks on a search for the meaning of the term “identity”, and opens up debate on the subject in the light of stereotypes, origin and change. In the process, the artist breaks with familiar attributions of meaning and places everyday elements into new contexts. Apart from her sculptural work, this approach also inspires the creation of works that break out of and question the normal boundaries of genre.

In “Stiletto / No Melody (4:10 min)”, she examines the medium of dance as an expression of the individual. The dents that have been made freely across the surface of the metal are traces that the artist left behind when dancing in high heels on the rear of the panel. These deformations make her spontaneous and energetic movements visible, creating a relief-like negative form which is unique. The panel becomes the bearer of a memory of a unique, performative act and, at the same time, a new form of artistic expression.

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