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© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019<br/>    Picture: Munich Re

Monika Huber

Born 1959 in Dingolfing, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Untitled, 1994/95

Duplex silk-screen print on aluminium
Length 78 m

Monika Huber's artwork moves in a state of suspense between drawing and painting: Her drawings, the linear medium, seem forceful and artistic in gesture. Her paintings, on the other hand, appear at first glance to be monochromatically disciplined and two-dimensional. Only when one delves deeper into her work does it become clear much the gestural, too, is determined by these monochrome image surfaces.

Monika Huber plays with contrasts, juxtaposing line and surface, and surface and structure, bright blue and absorbing black. Every form must prevail over a "counter-form", every colour a "counter-colour" to draw the observer's attention. It is the classical principle of contraposition, the "interreaction", the setting up of a relationship. The artist persistently pursues the path of abstraction, yet never denies her devotion to spontaneity and emotion. Monika Huber designed an underground passageway for Munich Re.

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