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Michel Majerus

Born 1967 in Esch, Luxembourg
Died 2002 in Niederanven, Luxembourg

MOM-Block #89, 2000

Acrylic on canvas
200 x 180 cm

In the paintings, murals and large-scale installations of Michel Majerus, familiar motifs and stylistic elements from the broad repertoire of the modernist art movement are in juxtaposition with accents from current pop culture such as music, advertising and computer graphics. It is an arsenal of the known and déjà vus from widely contrasting image worlds, artistic and motivic quotations and references that Majerus ruthlessly combines and places face to face. By combining existing visual codes, which overlap and penetrate one another, Majerus intentionally casts doubt on the traditional notion of the artist as an original genius. In his work, the Luxembourger was less concerned about authenticity and originality of artistic authorship, rather than the advanced and modern possibilities of artistic production.

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