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© Maurizio Nannucci<br/>    Picture: Stefan Müller-Naumann, Munich<br />

Maurizio Nannucci

Born 1939 in Florence, Italy
Lives and works in Florence


Light installation with neon spots
Length, approx. 80 m

Since the 1960s, the combination of coloured neon lights and language signs has been Maurizio Nannucci's preferred means of expression. Nannucci transforms a Munich Re passageway into an area of light whose intense shade of blue creates an atmosphere of mystery and unexpected darkness. The text, composed of more than 800 neon spots embedded in the floor, shrouding the narrow space in dense and magical colour, gradually reveals itself to those walking through the passageway: NO IT IS OPPOSED ART SEES TRADES OPPOSITION. It is a palindrome, which reads the same forwards and backwards. Nannucci uses the palindrome as a stylistic medium to allude to the function of the location, a passageway which can be traversed in both directions. With the content he has chosen, the artist addresses the seemingly irreconcilable contradiction between “art” and “trade”, or commerce, which fuse symbiotically here.

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